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Welcome to Page-Server, the premier web hosting company for startups and mid-size businesses. Our team of web developers has designed a hosting platform that is both fast and reliable, providing the best web hosting services for businesses looking to establish an online presence.

At Page-Server, we understand the unique challenges that startups and mid-size businesses face when trying to establish an online presence. That's why we've tailored our hosting services to meet the needs of these types of businesses. Our hosting platform is built with speed and reliability in mind, ensuring that your website loads quickly and operates smoothly. Our team of experts is always available to provide you with the support you need, so you can focus on growing your business.



We take pride in providing exceptional hosting services to businesses of all sizes. Our commitment to fast and reliable hosting services is second to none. Join us today and discover why Page-Server is the go-to web hosting company for startups and mid-size businesses.

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YNAPS is a group of startups where we develop new tech for the world to use. Our Latest ventures are NGF132 and Nodly's

YNAPS Web is a part of YNAPS where we do make websites and APPs for clients all over the world. after 12 years of experience in this tech, we built Nodly's 

No YNAPS never had a investor and would never have any, we dould only raise funds in our startups but not in umbrella company, YNAPS ! 

Yes if you have an exceptional idea, or talent, please reach out to us at or ! 

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