What type of website do you need?

When it comes to websites, there is no one-size-fits-all. You have to create a website that caters to your personal requirements.

In order to create the perfect website for yourself, you have to first identify what the aim of the website is. What is the website meant for? What do you want to achieve through the website?

Next, you have to identify your target audience/type of customer. Who’s the website aimed at?

And lastly, you have to figure out if having a website works out with your other marketing plans. Once you’ve got everything worked out, you can finally look into what type of website you want to create for yourself.

In order to make your search a little easier, here is a list of types of websites that you can build for yourself.

1) Portfolio or Resume Website

A portfolio or resume site is a fantastic way of tying together all your work experience and skills and promoting them in one place. It is all about marketing your own unique personality. A portfolio or resume site acts like a business card and as such, it is important to present yourself in an outstanding manner in order to impress potential clients.

2) Business Website

If you have a business that does not sell anything online, then this is the kind of website you need in order to create an online presence.

Your website should be the perfect way through which you can communicate to the clients. Through this, you can showcase and explain what your business is all about. Presenting past experience and credentials can also help in building a trusting relationship with your possible clients. To ensure easy communication between you and your customers, place your contact information in a prominent section of the website.

3) E-commerce Website

You can build an E-commerce website if you have products that you wish to sell online. By creating this type of website, you can display your products and accept payments online.

Create a unique experience for your customers by having a robust payment and delivery system.

4) Educational Website

An educational website is aimed at providing information to the general audience. This means that you must create a website that is user friendly and should also be easily accessible. Moreover, the website should look professional in order to draw in more audience.

5) Blogs

Blogs are a great way of building credibility by offering free information. Whether you are trying to promote a product, spread knowledge or even build a professional network, you have to ensure that your blogs are easy to read, simple to navigate and also is visually attractive. Blogs are a great way of supplementing your business. Display your contact details in case anybody wants to suggest a collaboration or a business deal.

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