What is a Domain Name?

What is a Domain?

Well if you really want to know then look up at the top of your browser. The URL bar or the address bar where you see the website link. The text immediately after https:// is your domain name.

In our case its ynaps.com

In Lay man’s term, in the world of internet you are naming your resource so it stands out among the other resources.

Usually, every website has an IP address which is a unique set of numbers to identify your website. Example:

But since everyone cannot remember numbers therefore you name them. It’s like saving your friend’s phone number with his name so you need not remember his phone number every time you call him. Domains and IP addresses share the same bond.

When you give a name to a resource it’s identify becomes lively. You see it as a physical entity.

But in the World Wide Web (www) everything has to be unique and that’s what differentiates you from other domains.

Parts of a Domain

Say I have a website called: https://www.givemeexample.com

Now lets break down this in 4 parts:

  • https -> Protocol
  • www -> Sub Domain
  • givemeexample -> Domain Name
  • com -> Top Level Domain
  • givemeexample.com -> is the Root Domain which you register for.

Top Level Domains are the highest level of Domains on the Internet. For example: com, info, net, org etc.

Types of Top Level Domains (TLD)

Sometimes you have Second Level Domains too and that comes just before the Top Level Domain. For example: www.givemeexample.co.net

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) takes care of the Internet Domain Name Space.

Why do I need a domain?

At some point in time if you want to create a website you will need a domain. But again why a domain? Because it’s the address to which people will come to you to view your data or your content or your product or to know about you.

You can understand it like, you want a build a home so you just can’t build a home in the air, you will need a physical place, an address where you can build your home. And for that, you have to buy a place or land.

It’s the same with website and domain. Website is your Home and Domain is the land that you have just purchased. Though buying a domain is not as costly as buying a piece of land. It’s rather cheap.

So are Website & Domain the Same Thing?

It’s not necessary that your website and domain should match.

Say for example,

You bought a domain name for example: www.shopforshirts.com

And you want to build a website for selling books.

Now the common viewer when views your website as www.shopforshirts.com he will be in the impression that he will be able to buys shirts on your website. But instead when he lands on your website he comes to know it’s selling books.

And that can be a disappointment.

A domain name can host any kind of website but it’s preferable that you think about your website first and then buy a domain.

Where Do I buy Domain?

You can easily buy Domain names at





and several other places.

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