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When you need to give an extra push to your business, then coming down to establishing your online presence is the best way to do. In addition, if your business had an app solely dedicated to it, then it will draw in customers and increase your revenues by quite some margin.

In this post, we will be talking about what website and app development is all about and also give you a suggestion from where you can have access to both. So, without any further ado, let’s begin!

What is Website Development?

In simple terms, website development may be defined as the creation or building and maintenance of websites. It refers to the work that is put in for a website to look great and interact well with the users. Those who are engaged with this profession of work are referred to as Web Developers.

Website development is further broken down into two fields, i.e., Front-end Development and Back-end Development.

Front-end Development refers to the ‘client-side’ of the Website Development. It takes care of the overall appearance and user interactivity of the website. The front-end developers take care of the design and layout. What you see and what you use on a website are all brought together by the front-end developers using a series of programmes.

Back-end Development refers to the ‘server-side’ of the Website Development. It is the work put into the behind the scenes of the website. The backend of the web consists of the server that hosts the website, an application for running it and a database to contain the data. The back-end developer uses computer programmes to ensure that the server, the application and the database run smoothly together. The back-end developers integrate the work done by the front-end developers.

What is App Development?

App Development refers to the creation or building and maintenance of mobile applications that solely run on hand-held devices or mobile phones. App Development provides more centralised and specific features for a business as compared to websites.

There are four main approaches when it comes to app development. These are:

a) Native Mobile Applications

These are apps created for a specific platform (iOS or Android) using the software development tools and languages supported by those operating systems. iOS uses Xcode and Objective-C, whereas Android uses Eclipse and Java. 

b) Cross-platform Native Mobile Applications

Cross-platform native mobile applications is the creation of software applications that are compatible with multiple mobile operating systems.

c) Hybrid Mobile Applications

Hybrid Mobile Applications is the combination of both native and web solutions. Where the core of the application is written using web technologies (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript), which are then encapsulated within a native application. 

d) Progressive Web Applications

Progressive Web Applications are web applications that utilize a set of browser capabilities – such as working offline, running a background process, and adding a link to the device home screen in order to provide an ‘app like’ user experience.

Both Website and App Development can contribute significantly to further enhancing your presence in the online world. While the first one will allow your users to know more about your business the second one will help your users to experience more specific and centralised services.

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