How to Make a Website?

How to Make a Website?

Are you trying to create a web site|an internet site|a website} from scratch? Building a business website or a private website
accustomed to be quite difficult within the past, particularly if you weren’t a tech-savvy person. The great news is, with all the various choices out there on the internet these days, beginning a website has become extraordinarily simple even for non-tech savvy people.
In 2020, anyone can build and style an internet site| a website without knowing anything regarding web development, style|design, or writing|coding.

Basically, if you recognize the way to browse, purpose and click on along with your mouse, then you’ll be able to produce a web site in but an hour. Whether you’d wish to build an online website for yourself or for your business, you may simply do that by using the correct tools and resources.

By making a website from scratch, you’ll be able to expand your reach to a wider audience and connect with similar folks round the globe. With the proper methods in situ, your website can even assist you to build a gentle stream of on-line financial gain.

In this article, we’ll assist you to create a website | an internet site stepwise from scratch with no technical information required and without having to pay money for freelancers, agencies, or website builders. All you would like is 1-2 hours of your free time to finish the guide and create an internet site.

With this step-by-step guide of making a website you will be able to create a beautiful website in just 1-2 hours.

We will teach you how to create a fully functional website in just 13 chapters. Here is a small overview of all the 13 chapters, which is as follows:

  1. What is a Website and Why to Build a Website?
  2. What are the Types of Websites?
  3. What are Different Platforms on which a website can be built?
  4. What is Domain Name and Web hosting? How to purchase Web hosting?
  5. How to install WordPress on Bluehost and set up WordPress Website through it?
  6. How to create your website’s first-page structure?
  7. How to customize your WordPress website design?
  8. How to Configure Your WordPress Website Settings?
  9. What are WordPress Plugins? How to install WordPress Plugins?
  10. What are the Essential WordPress Plugins to rank your website?
  11. What are the important pages and content that should we available on every website?
  12. What are the Enhanced features that should be added to your Website in order to get more benefits from your website?
  13. How to Promote and Grow Your Website?

Let’s start the journey of creating a website…

Chapter 1: What is a Website and Why to build a Website?

A Website is a collection of webpages and related content that is identified by a common domain name and published to at least one web server.
Example:, etc.

All publicly accessible websites put together to represent the World Wide Web (popularly known as WWW). There also are personal | private websites that may solely be accessed on a personal network, like a company’s internal website for its staff.

Websites are generally dedicated to a selected topic or purpose, like news, education, commerce, entertainment, recreation, or social networking. Hyperlinking between web content | web pages guides the navigation of the site, which frequently starts with a home page.

Users will access websites on a spread of devices, like desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The software package application used on these devices is named an internet browser | web browser.

Now what is the need to build a website? The answer to this question is as follows:

A website is your most powerful tool for communication.

A website may be a unique way to connect with the globe. If you want to share your passion for music, inform people of your business, sell merchandise | products, or the other reason there are not any boundaries to what you’ll do! If you have your own website, your reach to the public may become easy. With a website, there are a lot of opportunities | possibilities are accessible | available to you!

What are the things that a website offers you:

  1. The perfect business card for your organization or project.
  2. A detailed and permanent advertisement.
  3. A site available 24×7 all-year-round.
  4. Your own competitive edge.
  5. Better communications.
  6. Increased credibility.

Stay tuned for an upcoming article for creating a website.
Chapter 2 and more will be covered in the next article.

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