How much is the total cost of building a custom website?

On a typical basis, to build a website you will usually need to spend around $200 and around $50 per month to maintain it. But when it comes to custom website, it can be more. The total cost of building a custom website will range from $8,000 to $38,000 or even more.

To further understand the expenses, let’s break down the expenses of building a custom website.

1) UI/UX Design

One of the main things that attracts clients to your website is the design of it. Good design is what draws the audience and captures their time. Bad design on the other hand is what makes them leave and perhaps never come back again.

Therefore, UI/UX Design literally forms the basis of designing your website and also contributes in estimating the cost of building a custom website.

The cost of building a website design varies between $700 to more than $4000.

2) Front-End Development

Once the UI/UX Design is done, this is when the front-end development comes to play. When the visitors come to your website, the front-end is everything that the visitors interact with on your website.

The cost of front-end development usually varies between $1,000 to more than $12,000.

3) Back-End Development

Back-end development is what makes your page respond to the users when they interact with your website. Back end is at the heart of every website powering all its features. That means the back-end development makes up a considerable part of the website creation cost.

The cost of back-end development usually varies between $4,000 to more than $13,000.

4) Content Management System Development

Content Management System (CMS) aka admin panel is the factor that allows to create, manage or edit website content. As such, if you wish to change any word or edit any paragraph in your website content, you will not need the help of the developers.

The cost on the development of a custom content management system varies between $3,000 to over $9,000.


1) Domain Name

The address of your website on the Internet is called the domain name. For example,,, etc.

You can register your preferred domain names on dedicated domain providers. You are required to renew your domain if you wish to keep it or if you do not wish to keep the domain name anymore, you can let it expire so that somebody else can purchase it.

The cost usually varies between $5 to $15 per year.

2) Web Hosting

Web Hosting is really essential as it is what keeps your website accessible on the Internet 24/7. Keep in mind to choose a good and reputable web hosting provider as the provider you choose has an impact on the loading speed of your website.

The cost usually varies between $75 to $200 per year.

3) Maintenance

Maintenance is to ensure that your website runs smoothly and that there are no bugs which impact the experience of a user visiting your website.

The cost of maintenance usually varies between $500 to $12,000 or more per year.

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