An astrology-based dating app hits the App Store!

Struck, an astrology-based dating app, has finally been given the permission to be available in the App Store. This is after 10 rejections spanning over several months.

Founded by former Apple engineers, Struck wants to be the Tinder for the co-star crowd. Struck uses astrology in a match making process and recommends or matches users on the bases of detailed understanding of birth charts and aspects.

In nearly every rejection, app reviewers flagged the dating app to be “spam” either due to the use of astrology or once, simply being that it is a dating app.

Apple continuously rejected the app on the basis of section 4.3 of its App Store Review Guidelines. The 4.3 guidelines are something Apple adheres to so that there is no permission granted to time-wasting or low quality apps.

Today, the guideline states that developers should “avoid piling on to a category that is already saturated,” and reminds developers that the App Store has “enough fart, burp, flashlight, fortune telling, dating, and Kama Sutra apps, etc. already.”

In the document, Apple promises to reject anything that “doesn’t offer a high-quality experience.”

Struck has been carefully designed by a group of people, mostly women including two people of colour and an LGBTQ+ member.  It has been crafted to be alternative to Tinder.

Unlike nowadays dating apps, where everything is fast and there’s no time to truly consider, Struck works to provide an experience that is genuinely worth it.

It allows the users to focus on romance and conversations. There are no endless “options” for one to swipe left or right. Rather Struck uses detailed birth charts and sends you no more than 4 matches per day, out of which you can send messages to only one.

 But you don’t have to be a true believer in astrology to enjoy the experience. You can use the app just for fun if you’re open-minded, the company website says. “Skeptics welcome,” it advertises.

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