5 Major Advantages of Using WordPress

WordPress initially started out as a blogging platform but now it functions as a full-fledged content management system (CMS). Many online businesses opt for WordPress. WordPress is also estimated to power around 33% of all the websites.

So, in this post we will take a look at some of the advantages you will enjoy if you too opt for WordPress.

5 Major Advantages of Using WordPress

Some of the major advantages of using WordPress are highlighted below.

1) Simplicity

One of the major advantages of WordPress is its simplicity. Even if you are unfamiliar with CMS or you are not a programmer, you can still build a professional site using WordPress.

You will be able to do all the tasks without the need of a developer. There will not be any problems when it comes to adding or managing content in WordPress. You also need not be a website designer. You can simply log in to your dashboard and add, edit or remove any selected thing with a few clicks.

2) Low cost

WordPress is one of the few platforms in which you can enjoy a wide variety of customizations, theme selections and flexibility of features and options at a very low cost. If you are on  a budget or are starting a small business, then WordPress will be the ideal option.

3) Strong community support

WordPress powers around 33% of the websites. This has allowed for a strong community to flourish. The community factor is one of the major advantages you will enjoy as compared to other platforms.

You will be able to find plenty of e-books, online tutorials, blogs, message boards and more, to help you get the most out of WordPress. If you ever have a question or wish to get an answer for any doubts, someone will probably be out there in the community to answer any of your queries, perhaps for free.

4) WordPress plugins

Sometimes, users want for more customized functions related to their website’s specific needs. There are thousands of plugins available in WordPress. No matter what you want or wish for, chances are that there is a plugin to do it.

Plugins allow the users to add specific features such as shopping carts, galleries, contact forms, etc. to any compatible WordPress site. Plugins can also be deactivated or activated as required by your site.

5) SEO friendly

If you wish for your website to rank high in Google searches, then SEO friendly websites are the ones you should opt for. WordPress automatically generates SEO friendly URLs for you. It also offers you the options of downloading free WordPress plugins such as SEO by Yoast, All in One SEO Pack and other such WordPress plugins.

You are also presented with a wide array of social media plugins which makes it easier to share, like or tweet about your site.


It is easy to see why WordPress is so popular. It makes available the essential tools to create a good and professional website accessible to anyone, be it an amateur or a professional.

With a wide variety of features, WordPress works great for all types of websites be it for a small personalized site or for a large, corporate web portal.

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