Month: September 2020

The Benefits of Web Hosting for Business.

The main objective of getting web hosting is to basically make your website live on the internet. There are many ways through which your business can gain more recognition and clients. And the web is one of them. Having a physical embodiment of your business but no online presence can hamper your business as you […]

YNAPS: Best App and Website Development.

What is Website Development? Website development basically refers to the building and maintenance of websites. It is the work that takes place behind the scenes in order for the website to turn up to look great, interactive and professional. Those who are engaged in the task of creating and maintaining website are called developers. They […]

What is Java? A Beginners’ Guide.

Java is a popular programming language. The language was invented by James Gosling and developed by Sun Microsystems. It was released in the year 1995. Today’s Internet is absolutely saturated with Java-run programming. We have Java to thank for many of the applications that make day-to-day living easier. Java is currently owned by Oracle. Let’s […]

jQuery: A Beginners’ Guide.

jQuery( was created in 2006 by John Resig. It is a fast and concise JavaScript Library. Resig introduced jQuery to the world with the motto “Write less, do more.” What is jQuery? jQuery is a fast and feature-rich JavaScript Library. It is cross platform and therefore, supports different types of browsers. The main purpose of […]

What is PHP? A Beginner’s Guide.

PHP is one of the most widely used server-side scripting languages. It enjoys great popularity as it is easy to learn, code and deploy on a server. Therefore, it is the first choice for beginners. Popular websites such as Facebook, Yahoo, etc. are developed using PHP. So, let’s try to get a basic understanding of […]

A Simple Guide to Bootstrap and Its Components.

Essentially in web development, Bootstrap is a very commonly used term. Bootstrap is one of the most popular web development frameworks out there. It is known to be the single most used framework for developing highly-responsive projects in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Bootstrap is a front-end framework that enables developers as well as designers to […]

What is a Full Stack Developer?

In web development, the terms ‘front-end developers’ and ‘back-end developers’ are often exchanged about. These terms are pretty common but along with them, ‘full-stack developer’ also tags along. The web has grown substantially really complex and as such, developers have also become more centric or specialised. This means that a web development can imply lots […]

Front-end Vs Back-end: What is the Difference?

In the field of web development, the terms Front-end and Back-end are often exchanged. Front-end and Back-end developers constitute to be the fundamental basis of software engineering. Although both play significant roles in web development, there are significant differences between Front-end and Back-end developers. They are distinctive to each other. But the functionality of a […]